Checklist to onboard a new employee successfully

You are hiring. Finally you have the money to hire a new person in your team. Creating a strong onboarding process is the best way to welcome and retain new employees. Onboarding does not end when the paperwork is signed.

Hiring a new employee
Although it seems that onboarding only starts when you already have hired a new employee, the hiring process is very important to give that first impression of your startup. Therefore, your onboarding process already starts during the hiring. Make sure you write a clear job description where you manage the expectations of candidates. Make clear how you structure the hiring process as well and last but not least, follow up quickly and make sure you provide candidates with full information on references and background checks.

You have signed the papers, so what’s next?
Make sure you have arranged all necessary accounts and documents for your new employee to start. Go through the following check list:

  • Make sure all the necessary papers are signed before starting;

  • Do you have an employee handbook? Hand it out at least two weeks before the starting date;

  • Did you prepare the new hire’s tech? Do you provide a phone, computer, mouse, keyboard and headset? Make sure it is ready on the first day of your new hire;

  • Order new business cards for your new employee;

  • Schedule an introduction meeting in the first week;

  • Plan your new employees first assignment.

On the first day:

  • Create a welcome kit for your new employee which includes a welcome letter and some marketing materials of your startup (T-Shirt, sticker, pens, notebook, etc) ;

  • Send a message to your team to remind everyone there’s a new employee and encourage everyone to introduce themselves.

The first week:

  • Schedule regular one-on-one meetings with the management for your new employee;

  • Set clear goals for the trial period;

  • Schedule a feedback meeting for the end of the trial period of your new employee and provide them with meaningful feedback.

Is the new employee working satisfactory? And does your new employee like the job? Congratulations! Keep on scheduling regular one-on-one meetings in the next months in order to make sure you check in with your employee regularly.

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