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You do not only grow your network with other startups, but also with companies and investors if you participate in Present Your Startup!
— Tim van Pappelendam, CEO Maester, Winner 2017

You must be crazy if you do not participate in Present Your Startup. Valerie and her team have put together a great concept: present your startup! Not only are startups brought into contact with investors, but the guidance, training, network from trainers helps startup prepare better and it gives the startup more knowledge about positioning, financing and stage performance. I got to know Valerie passionated about her activities and involved with you and your startup. An example of this is the introductions to potential customers or network partners! Every startup - even though you are further in the process than just an ‘idea’ - is wise to see what Present Your Startup can mean for you as a company together with Valerie and her team.
— Tjalke de Jong, Founder NIGW, finalist 2016

Because of Present Your Startup I got the story of Waterly sharp. Different doors opened that would otherwise remain closed for me.
— Bart Verweijen, Founder Waterly, Finalist 2016

Joining Present your Startup was for me participating a competition. At least that’s what I thought. It turned out to be much more than that and during the one-year course I learned a lot more than you could ever learn from a book.
— Ralph de Groot, CEO Restoranto, Finalist 2016

Of course we went to win, but especially for a pattern of progress, that you continue. Every meeting at Haarlemvalley (old name Present Your Startup) ensured that we took action on company structure, on the product, on our view on funding. That has taken us big steps forward.
— Willemijn Schneyder, CEO Swipeguide. finalist 2016

What Present Your Startup means to me? It is a really cool community of young entrepreneurs who work hard together to create something beautiful.
— Sabrina Bos, Founder AccessArt, Finalist 2016

Present Your Startup was a very nice experience. We where working on the second round of financing and still we learned a lot of new things from Present Your Startup. They helped us on our way to properly finance for the second time.
— August de Vocht, NoFoodWasted, Winnaar 2016

Actually, during Present Your Startup I felt very comfortable, but also challenged and inspired and that’s how I started working, with new energy on my startup.
— Shemara Pijpers, Ridiculously Good, Finalist 2016