New Networkpartner: SIDNfonds

Haarlemvalley and SIDNfonds had first meeting

What is the SIDNfonds?

SIDN Fund financially supports projects aimed at strengthening the Internet or the Internet in an innovative way bets. SIDN fund will thus contribute to strengthening the economic and social value of the Internet and thus provide an additional boost to the prosperity and wellbeing in the Netherlands. The starting power of the fund is approximately EUR 5 million. SIDN plans to support the fund to continue investing structurally.

How will the SIDNfonds contribute to Haarlemvalley?

In the first meeting we have decided to share information about the startups that apply at SIDNfonds and at Present Your Startup. In the picture you see Valerie Vallenduuk and Valerie Frissen at Startup Meeting Point, Haarlem.

Valérie Vallenduuk & Valerie Frissen

Valérie Vallenduuk & Valerie Frissen