Welcome to Present Your Startup!

Your registration for Present Your Startup has been confirmed. To complete your registration, we need the following from you.

1. Payment of the amount for the introduction days of 150, - euro ex VAT, pay here.
2. A completed (pre-) business plan form, download the pre-business plan form or the pre-business plan in English.
3. You can upload the completed form here.

For your information, again the coditions for participation:

  • During the first two Finance & Selection Days (the intake), attendance is mandatory. For the exact dates of the region of your participation, see our website www.presentyourstartup.nl

  • Participation the intake, online academy and the finance and selection & pitch day cost 150, - euro excl. VAT. This amount must be paid prior to the intake.

  • If you are selected for the Prepare Your Startup Academy, the participation is 500, - euro excl. VAT. This amount must be paid before the Prepare Your Startup Academy. Keep an eye on the website (www.presentyourstartup.nl) for the Academy days.

  • You will be available during the four Prepare Your Startup Academy days and during the Pitch Day (quarter final). For the quarterfinals you have to be selected again (a maximum of ten startups can pitch during semi finals).

  • If you raise an investment during the whole duration of the Present Your Startup program, you pay a success fee of 2% on this amount. This period runs until 1 July 2019.

  • You realize that if you are one of the five finalists in November 2018, you commit yourself to participation in the final or if this is not the case (for example because you have already found an investor), you have an amount of 5000, - euro excl. VAT is due to Stichting Present Your Startup. We state this condition because we do not want empty spots in our program during the final evening. If you have already picked up an investment, you can also indicate this to the public during the final evening. That contributes to the atmosphere of the evening and can perhaps lead to extra financing.

  • You realize that the cooperation partner of the Present Your Startup Foundation, namely PYS Startups BV, receives 2% shares from all finalists. A similar condition will be imposed on a company without shares. Obtaining a small percentage of shares or a similar arrangement ensures that we can present you optimally within our network to strengthen your company and take it to a higher level with the help of our exclusive network. In addition, there is the possibility to take place in our incubator after the final evening. Up to and including the quarterfinals your participation is free of transferring shares. Only when you are selected for the semi-final and you decide to participate in the semi-final and you become a finalist, you are due to transfer 2% shares or to comply with a similar arrangement. If you decide not to participate in the semi-finals because you do not want to transfer shares, another startup will get your place in the semi-finals.