For whom?

Your startup is young, scalable & innovative. You have a (business) plan and your startup is in the pre-seed or seed stage. We aim for young & growing industries such as tech, internet of things, new media, sustainability, gaming, social entrepreneurship or 3D-printing but not exclusively. You are able to clear your schedule for the intake, for 4 days of the Prepare Your Startup Academy and for the qualifying Pitch Day.

Save the dates!

Have you applied for our program? We expect you to be there. Our partners will devote their time, attention & energy to fully prepare the startups and entrepreneurs to pitch and for their first (or second) financial close. Moreover, our intakes are the only days during which the startups will be selected for our Online Academy. After that the startups need to be selected again after a finance day and a pitch and selection day for our accelerator program: the Prepare Your Startup Academy. If you are not there, you cannot be selected for both the Academy and the qualifying Pitch Day. In other words: save the days! 


Intake and Online Academy

All applicants get a call from us and will be invited for an intake at the office in Haarlem. During the intake, you will meet with two experts and you will have the opportunity to present your startup to them. Do we have a match? Then you will be able to start with the Online Academy where you will learn more about pitching, business modeling and finance. The fee for the call, the intake and the Online Academy is 150,- euro ex VAT.

Prepare Your Startup Academy

Attendance of the Prepare Your Startup Academy is only possible if you finish your Online Acadmey befor the 10th of September and if you are selected after the finance day and the Pitch and Selection day.

The fee for the Prepare Your Startup Academy is 499,- euro ex VAT.

The total worth of this accelerator program is more than 2500 euro.


2% Success Fee

Do you raise funding during our program? You will pay a 2% success fee of the amount you raise. Of course we uphold the ‘no cure no pay’ principle. The duration of our 2017 program is until July 1st, 2018. 

Finalists of Present Your Startup receive much attention and publicity. We have carefully established a rich and growing network of big corporates, VC's and business angels. Introduction in this network will be of great value for your growing company. Participating in our program is a quality mark. It could convince or encourage potential investors to contact, fund and/or support you. The 2% success fee applies to all investors and contacts within our network. Everyone in our mailing list is considered to be within our network.

2% Equity Stake

If you are one of finalists of Present Your Startup 2018, we will get a 2% Equity Stake in your company. Furthermore, you will be part of our Incubator. We will manage to boost the startup ecosystem and we will work together to make your startup an even bigger succes. Together we will take it to the next level. At this moment, we are talking about managing an incentive of €50.000 in cash for our final startups. We will be able to give your more details on this right before our finals.

How does it work?

For example: if you manage to fund your startup with €100.000 during our event, you will receive an invoice of €2000 from Present Your Startup (€2000 is 2% of the amount raised). This success fee will enable us to organize the event next year again. Your success will give other startups new opportunities! 

 If you are one of the 5 finalists, we will get a 2% Equity Stake in your compan - after the final event. We have the ambition to bring the startups to the next level, to arrange funding again (without charging a fee over the new funding), to introduce you further to our network. Our network is continuously growing and both locally and regionally oriented, it thus reaches national en international value.


  1. You apply at our website by filling out the application form
  2. You will receive an opt-in confirmation email 
  3. When you have confirmed your emailadress by clicking the link in the opt-in confirmation email, you will receive a final welcome email in which you will find:
    1. A (pre)business plan form, which you will need to download, fill out and send to us by email.
    2. A confirmation of the conditions (which you have accepted when filling out the application form).
  4. We will call you and invite you at the Meetup Introduction Days. We'll be in touch via email concerning the practical information.