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Present Your Startup x VivaTech Paris

Present Your Startup goes to VivaTech in Paris from May 15-18. VivaTech is the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation. It’s a gathering of the world’s brightest minds, talents, and products taking place in Paris on 16–18 May 2019. From top speakers and exhibitions to open innovation and live experiences, VivaTech is a celebration of today’s innovations and tomorrow’s possibilities for everyone who believes in the power of technology to transform business and society. Check out more about their website for all the information about this event:

We partnered up with VivaTech and we can offer our network partners a special package in which you get:

  • Tickets for VivaTech

  • Admission to exclusive side events

  • Exclusive opportunities to get connected with investors from all over Europe

  • Matching opportunities (Please request upfront so we can arrange it)

The costs of this program is €150,- excluding VAT, hotel and travel costs. Do you want to join? Fill out the form below!

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