Application Present Your Startup Caribbean 2019

You're about to apply for Present Your Startup goes Caribbean 2019!  On January 20-24 2019 Present Your Startup will stop and stay on CuraƧao again! Last Year there was plenty of time to learn through different workshops and meetings with investors. The winner of the first edition raised 120.000 NAF with informal investors.  

The costs of participating in the program are 250,- dollar per person including food and beverages. Only if your raise any money the fee of 2% will be due.  If you reach it to the finals in november in the Netherlands we ask a small equity stake of 2%.  Untill that time there are no obligations at all and you can quit the program whenever you want. If you like to pitch in the grand finals in the Netherlands you have to make a decision to go on with the program before the semi finals. Until now every startup who joins us loves our program that much  and we dont know any quitters :-) See the testimonials here.  

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